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DAW-GPT is a decentralized platform that offers innovative solutions for the financial layout of the Metaverse. Thanks to its distributed architecture, DAW-GPT ensures greater security, transparency, and efficiency, offering highly customized trading, investment, and portfolio management solutions.

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Your Passive Income in the Metaverse Managed Directly in DAO

Introducing DAW-GPT

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DAW-GPT Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The First DAO Metaverse

DAW stands for Decentralized Artificial Wealth, while GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer," which refers to a type of artificial intelligence model known as a transformer neural network that has been trained on large amounts of text to learn the structure and syntax of human language.

DAW-GPT is the world's first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) led by an Artificial Intelligence, tasked with creating a sustainable decentralized investment fund without unrealistic profit promises.

We have used the GPT language model to analyze and interpret textual information related to investments in the Metaverse, such as news, financial reports, market analysis, user opinions, and more.

The model could be trained on specific training data related to investments in the Metaverse, such as information on NFT (Non-Fungible Token) tokens, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality platforms, and other digital assets in the Metaverse.

Through Machine Learning, the GPT language model is able to understand the context of investments in the Metaverse, identify opportunities or risks, and provide investment suggestions or recommendations, as well as generate reports or market analysis based on the processed information.


Passive Income Managed By AI With The Safe Bottom

Part of the returns generated by the DAO is reserved in a Safety Fund called Safe Bottom. If the DAO incurs losses, the liquidity of the Safety Fund helps to stabilize returns. This provides investors with an added layer of security, as it mitigates the risk of large losses and helps to maintain stable returns.

By reserving a portion of returns in the Safety Fund, the DAO can operate with a long-term investment horizon and a focus on sustainable growth. This adds to the appeal of the DAO, as it can offer investors both high growth potential and a degree of security.

Stable Coin collateralized with a hybrid system of Token and Virtual Lands NFT

The USDAW stablecoin is designed to provide reliable and stable returns to its users. While the returns may be relatively modest, the focus is on consistency and sustainability rather than making unrealistic promises to the market.

This approach ensures that the algorithmic mechanism of USDAW is upheld over time, promoting trust and stability within the DAW-GPT ecosystem.

The collateralization of the USDAW stablecoin is supported by the volatile DAW-GPT token. The volatile DAW-GPT tokens are used as collateral for the stablecoin, and they are subsequently repurchased through a token burn system that is backed by a buy-back mechanism.

The buy-back mechanism reduces the supply of DAW-GPT tokens in the market, while the demand for the tokens increases. This approach helps to manage the supply and demand dynamics of DAW-GPT, contributing to the sustainability of the ecosystem and supporting the value of USDAW stablecoin.


World's First DAO In Metaverse Industry

The decentralized management of a DAO that invests in the Metaverse offers transparency and democracy in decision-making, with greater participation of investors.

This means that members of the DAO community have an active role in defining investments and profit distribution strategies, making the management process more democratic and transparent.

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You've got questions? We have answers.

The Metaverse is one of the most profitable assets, like the Everdome case which saw the company raising 60 million dollars in Dubai this year for their Metaverse project. So this is the perfect moment to invest before the new wave of Metaverse possibilities which will come soon.

By being part of a DAO you can not only generate passive income distributed by the community, you also get decisional power over the next steps in the Daw-GPT Governance. This means that members of the DAO community have an active role in defining investments and profit distribution strategies, making the management process more democratic and transparent.

The Governance Token reflects what already happens in society. By giving the power to a distributed amount of people, the Governance Token allows the decision making to be democratic and inclusive, since everybody can invest in it.

All that glitters is not gold. More often than not, projects having really high ROIs tend to be Ponzi schemes or scams. The purpose of this project is to generate revenue steadily. Daw-GPT points at the principle of long-term sustainability rather than a 3 months fast and furious run.

Because every investor has voting power. Daw-GPT aims at reaching out to people by word of mouth, where people that actually know each other and trust in each other's common sense can make the community grow organically and without possible threats from making it accessible to just anybody.

The longer the staking contracts last, the more sustainable the environment, they are developed for, will be. The revenue can be reinvested within the same project raising the bar on how successful a project can be.

The DAW token is connected to the DAO through the Governance system, which requires you to buy token licenses in order to have voting power in the usage of the decentralised fund of the project.